Jon Delpho - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Where Do You Live? San Antonio, TX

How Long Have You Been Playing Music? 26 years

What Bands Have You Been In? Mark Winston Kirk, Martin Bomba and 35 South, Rick Reyna and the Texas Outlaws, Ricky Calmbach, Shawn Allen. I’ve also sat in with several local bands like Patrick Glenn, Robert Demel etc.

Who Are Your Influences? I like lot of heavy metal Bass Players, Steve Harris, Rudy Sarzo etc. I also, musically, like a lot of stuff that has a good strong groove and heart so, some Ray Price, Steve Earl, Bodeans, Cruzados that kinda stuff. Real songs.

Favorite Style Of Music To Play? Now I lean towards sraight-up or older country, but I still like to rock out too. I guess I’ll never get that out of my blood. So, pretty much I’m up for it all

Most Memorable Musical Experience? I’ve opened up for some really great guys, Kevin Fowler, Cory Morrow, Mark Chestnutt, David Lee Garza, etc. so, I guess playing in front of a crowd and being able to really pump them up and get ‘em dancin’. I REALLY love it when the crowd’s into it. That’s the best.

Musical Goals? Have fun. That’s what it’s really all about. When it stops being fun, call the hearse ‘cuz I’m done.